Real Meals

Menus for June 20-25


REAL MEALS  are dinners prepared for a family of 4 and cost only $25.  Family consists of 2 adults and 2 children.  Orders must be in by 8 pm the night before we are preparing the meals.  We include delivery to businesses in the immediate Nanaimo area at no extra charge (on or near the Island Highway)Meals are prepared fresh daily and orders leave the kitchen as early as 10:30 for delivery.  Take them home and heat them up for a healthy and convenient dinner with little or no fuss.


Christmas Gift Certificates are now available… buy 4 get 1 FREE!  No Expiry Date / Good for any REAL MEAL dinner for 4.  Decorated for Christmas Giving…Keep some-give some …your choice.  Limited quantity available  (Note: includes office delivery on or near the island highway- residential delivery not included)

Looking for another gift idea?  Check out    That’s Cooking Classes Nanaimo dot Com    You can purchase them through Island Daily Deals at half price OR if you order as a REAL MEALS customer, You can get them for the same sale price PLUS we’ll throw in a complimentary Gift Certificate for you to enjoy!  What a deal that is.   You can go to the classes yourself before Christmas or Gift them to a special someone for after Christmas.  It will be a fun and tasty way to spend an evening.

 Buy 3 meals in one week… delivered to the same location… pay only $60 for all 3   Price includes delivery to workplace address only.  Additional Cost for residential deliveries available only in the immediate Nanaimo area

 Seniors Portions: only $20, prepared for 2 seniors…includes residential delivery within the immediate delivery area.


 We’re on holidays this week so there won’t be any Real Meals… sorry


 No Real Meals today…


 Did I mention we’re on holidays… so no Real Meals till next Monday…


 Sorry…still on holidays


Last Day of Holidays!
Back on Monday!!

Closing Words

TIPPING: Driver gratuities are optional but always appreciated.  If you tip your pizza guy… tip your REAL MEALS gal.  She works hard getting meals to you…it will make her happy!


-Add a fresh baked apple pie to your order for $20

Double your meat for $10

Check out our fundraising opportunity. Raise money for your school by ordering REAL MEALS. Everybody wins!
Please get your orders in by 9 pm the night before we cook your desired meal… we start very early in the morning and need to know how much to cook!
Thanks to Web Limitless web design for the great websites you’ve created for us and the inspiration!   You can get your desktop and mobile website up and running in days!  Contact them at
 REAL MEALS are for Real People… we are here to make your life a little easier.

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